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The Great Breakfast Debate: Winners!

This week's Great Breakfast Debate was a ton of fun! Anya and I would like to thank everyone who participated, whether you voted #TeamPancake or #TeamFrenchToast. It's a pretty contentious topic, it turns out—with very strong opinions on both sides of the breakfast fence!

Photo credit: taidoh via / CC BY-NC-ND
Despite my concern that pancakes might have had an unfair advantage this week (it being the better-known Mardi Gras food), I'm happy to say that Team French Toast trounced our competitors, proving once and for all that French Toast is the best. (Just kidding, pancake lovers. You can still sit with us. This way we don't have to share!)

So, without further ado, the two randomly selected winners are:

  • @_KimChance
  • @kdeflane

Congratulations, Kim and Kathy!

Anya will be critiquing manuscripts for both of you for free! As a reminder, 30 manuscript pages = ~7500 words, and the turnaround time will be one week from receipt of pages. Whenever you're ready, go ahead and send her your manuscripts for edits.

We hope everyone else had as much fun with this contest as we did! What would you like to see us debate in future contests?

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