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The Great Breakfast Debate: #TeamPancake or #TeamFrenchToast?

Mardi Gras is tomorrow! This upbeat holiday is celebrated all over the world, with beautiful costumes and masks, lots of drinking and flouting of propriety, and perhaps best of all: delicious food. It's common to celebrate this holiday with pancakes, and in some parts of Latin America & the Caribbean, people also celebrate with sugary fried breads (sound familiar?). This made the Touchstone editors ask: which one's better, pancakes or french toast? Now we need help settling the debate!

We've split into two teams and hope you'll join us in figuring out once and for all, which one is more delicious: pancakes or french toast? The losing team's captain will provide two free 30-page critiques!
  • 30 manuscript pages = ~7500 words
  • One-week turnaround time from receipt of pages

Captain: #TeamPancake


Captain: #TeamFrenchToast

Which side will you choose?

To enter:
  • Pledge your allegiance to #TeamFrenchToast or #TeamPancake publicly on Twitter (include your team's hashtag)
  • Tag your team's captain (@AnyaKagan or @JLevine3)
  • Include the link:
  • Paste your tweet's link into the Rafflecopter below & hit enter!
    • Without this step, your vote will help decide the winning team, but you will not be entered to win one of the critiques.
  • Entries close 11:59PM ET (8:59PM PT) on February 10th
  • Results announced Friday, February 12th

Need some tweet ideas? Just click to tweet your pick!