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10 Commandments for Writers

Hello, everyone! To kick off our blog, Jennifer and I have put together a list of "commandments" for writers—i.e., our 10 biggest tips. Because all these tips are equally important, we've organized them chronologically: from just starting out as a writer through the publication of your work. We'll discuss them all in depth, one at a time. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments!

Touchstone Editing's 10 Commandments for Writers are:
  1. Find a Good Critique Group
  2. Find Your Coping Mechanism
  3. Read Often and Widely
  4. Be Professional
  5. Remember the Importance of Revision
  6. Never Sign Anything You Don't Understand
  7. Respect Your Editor
  8. Not All Critiques Are Created Equal
  9. Don't Be Afraid to Put Your Work Out There
  10. Know When to Stand Up for Yourself & Your Work

Check out the links above to read our explanation for each commandment. Have tips for fellow writers we didn't include? Leave them in the comments!

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